Anna Carmichael

Anna began her love of movement when she was just 6. She has trained in a multitude of disciplines; Ballet, Artistic and Rhythmic Gymnastics, Trampolining, Contemporary and Yoga. When she was 16 she began training in Ballet discipline with Annette, and gained an unconditional offer to study at the prestigious Northern School of Contemporary Dance.

While here, Anna trained in Cunningham, Graham, Ballet, Release Technique, Yoga and with choreographers including Kathinka Walter, Hagit Bar and Charles Linehan. Anna graduated in 2014 with a 2:1 Degree, going on to work as a freelance dance artist and teacher; creating work with Birmingham Dance Network, ReCollective, Neil Callaghan, Simone Kenyon, Fierce Festival, Gerry Turvey, University of Leeds and IDFB. She has taught at various Nurseries and Schools delivering Ballet, Contemporary, Gymnastics and Yoga sessions, and has been teaching at Nicholson School of Dance since March 2016.


MONDAY 10-10.45  (Ages-5-6)

MONDAY 4.30-5.15 (Ages 4-5)


SATURDAY  9.45-10.30 (Ages 3+)

SATURDAY 10.45-11.30 (Ages 4-5)

SATURDAY 11.45- 12.30 (Ages 6-8)


Ages 3-5 “Pre-Primary and Primary Ballet”

These classes are well structured with the younger ones learning the foundations of Ballet technique. These classes spark  imagination, develop social skills, co-ordination, behavioural expectations and help prepare students to progress into the level 1 class. We look at simple steps and use our creativity to blossom into beautiful little dancers.


Ages 6-8 “Level 1/2”

Focused on preparing students for structured learning in their classes, we begin to look more in depth at the physical aspects of Ballet technique. It is around age 7 when muscles begin to really change and develop that we then are able to begin to teach students technical corrections. At this level, we are moving on from Ballet foundations and starting to find better posture, musicality and  ‘muscle’ memory, as well as beginning to dance more independently and with confidence.