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Dancers screenings Sept 1st 2018


Dance Clinic Performance Screening

Now that most of the Vocational Dance School auditions have been completed, how did you do?

If you have been unsuccessful in gaining a place at a prestigious school, perhaps we can help?

The Dance Clinic Performance Screening is a unique opportunity to be thoroughly assessed by a team of professionals followed by a full report on your status and ability, combined with a progression plan to lift your levels with a focus on the next audition.

The screening will assess your physical mechanics and injuries. Your dance technique will be observed and corrected and in addition, a bespoke strengthening and conditioning programme will be developed to empower you towards gaining a place at the school of your choice.

Our experienced team are honest and  pragmatic and are confident that a professional screening could make the difference between missing out and achieving greatness

'A fantastic afternoon with three very knowledgeable professionals. We feel
very reassured that our daughter has the potential to pursue her dance
dreams and we have been given very clear steps for her to work on to achieve
her goals. A very useful service for anyone who wants to improve their
chances in such a competitive arena. Particularly useful for us non-dancing
parents! Thank you.'



Contact Annette or the Dance Clinic for more information if needed, otherwise booking details are on Dance Clinic website below

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